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Best Disc Golf Bag with Cooler Washing & Buying Guides 2021

When you discover yourself from beginner to professional player, you will feel the intense need to carry different disc types with the flow of time. As the disc number increases, you will need a disc golf bag to hold all your valuable things.

While going to play, you will need to carry many things along with the disc. After playing for hours, you may crave cold drinks, right? To fulfill your drink demand, you can choose the Best golf bag with a cooler. But which one will be the best disc golf bag with a cooler?

We will share the best review of disc golf bags with a cooler. Plus our comprehensive buying guide helps you to choose the best one before investing money in it. Let’s move forward to explore more!

7 Best Disc Golf Bag With Cooler Review & Buying Guide

1. Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag


Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag is a beginner-friendly lightweight bag with the capacity to carry 8 golf discs. This is affordable both in price and size.

This is specifically best for beginners as it has a compartment to hold 8 discs and a single side putter pocket. If you are looking for a bag that will hold all your discs and gears, this one is not for you.

To hold valuable items, there are small zippered pockets. It also features an adjustable padded shoulder strap, a rain cover, and a bottle holder.

Even though it doesn’t offer lots of storage space, it is perfect for those who would only like to go to courses with needed essentials.


  • Best suits in casual day
  • Lightweight, compact size
  • High quality material and ensures affordability


  • Small golf bag
  • Rarely hold more than 8 discs

2. Disc Golf Backpack Slinger Bag

Disc Golf Backpack has a unique lightweight, comfortable and sling-style design. This bag has 2 inside slots which can hold 8-12 discs. The mesh front pockets can hold additional 2 discs. It gives you the ability to use it as a single strap shoulder backpack or cross the chest.

Along with the disc holder, it has a small water bottle holder with a drawstring, small pocket, and hook. Vertical zipper pockets on the backsides can hold phones, wallets, keys, or other things. There is a hook for bag tags or strap a towel.


  • Perfect for casual rounds.
  • Stylish, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Price is affordable
  • Discs are easily accessible


  • Zipper stitching needs improvement.
  • It can’t remain standing on its own, and discs become unevenly distributed inside the bag.
  • Shallow bottle holders.

3. Rogue Iron Disc Golf Backpack with Cooler

Rogue Iron Disc Golf Backpack is a unique bag with an insulated cooler and water bottle storage. The insulated cooler section can hold about 15 discs. The water bottle holder fits a bottle having a diameter of 3.5″. The bag also features a double-barrel cord lock.

It has high stretched pockets where you can easily accommodate 14-16 discs in the side and front pockets. Due to the wireframe around the bag, it has a solid bag structure. This bag has a dimension of 20.5×15.2 ×3.9 inches weighing only 2 pounds.

The manufacturer has a 100% money-back guarantee system. Suppose a customer feels unhappy with the product. In that case, they can ask for a refund, and the authority will refund the backpack.


  • The cooler section is large enough to hold up to 10 drinks with ice.
  • Surrounding stretchable pockets can hold 14-16 discs.
  • Well designed for the golfer looking to enjoy a  good variety of drinks and snacks with friends.
  • Three zippered compartments can be used for keeping keys, towels, phones, wallets, and other essentials.
  • Well Constructed


  • User’s reviews show that the cooler section doesn’t work properly and leaks liquids.

4. Throwback All Day Pack

Throwback All Day Pack is one of the best small, lightweight, and extremely comfortable bags in the market. This will be your best choice for its high-quality built material. It is durable and made with super comfortable padded straps. There is less chance to invest in buying other bags.

It has a big center cooler compartment to keep your drinks cold. A water bottle holding slot is built on the top of the bag. You can keep your water bottle wherever you want. The built-in cooler keeps your beverages and snacks cold for the entire round.

To access the discs quickly, each side of the bag has 3 stretch disc pockets and 2 putter pockets on the front. Stretch pockets can hold up to 16 discs easily and could squeeze to hold a few more. As all the discs can be held in the outer pockets, there will be no issues finding the right disc. The bag’s bottom has wide plastic feet and water-resistant tarpaulin fabric. It will give your bag a sturdy base.


  • Price is affordable
  • A padded shoulder strap makes it easier to carry heavy loads comfortably.
  • Lightweight as it has a great weight distribution
  • It has lots of space, including cooler compartments, topwater bottle holder, and sidewall pockets to hold 16+ disc without stretching.


  • Users tend to lose their disc from the side pockets.

5. Infinite Discs Huck Pack

Infinite Discs Huck backPack comes with a relatively large carrying capacity. This bag is lightweight, having a weight of 1.75 pounds. It can hold up to 18 discs which is quite a great number indeed. The design of the bag is such that it won’t look awkward even if it is filled.

The upper compartment is easily accessible without bending down and holds at least four putters. The hook pack is small in size but still large enough to fit a lightweight raincoat. It has a dimension of 17×13.5× 3 inches which is adequate for a single round tournament.

Besides, the side pockets have two water bottle holders. These beverage holders are big enough to hold 32-ounce water bottles. There is adequate space in the side pockets to keep your keys, wallets, phone, and snacks. It also has a pencil and mini marker holder.

It is suitable for those who are looking for a shoulder strap bag within affordability and large size.


  • Affordable backpack
  • Two water bottles, a pencil, and a mini marker holder.
  • It can hold 18+ discs and four putters.
  • The padded straps and the back panel is comfortable to hold heavy weights.
  • Weighs only 1.75 pounds


  • Pockets space is comparatively low for large storage items.

6. Prodigy Disc BP-2 V3 Disc Golf Backpack

Prodigy BP-2 Golf Backpack is a great backpack when it is a question about choosing disc golf bags. This is the best choice as a backpack within an affordable price range and the best built-in quality.

This bag is made with a tear, scratch, and water-resistant nylon ripstop fabric to protect the backpack from any weather conditions. There is no need to worry about space as it holds up to 26 disc drivers and 3-4 putters in the putter pocket.

This bag is equipped with padding on the back and straps to make this heavyweight tolerable all day in the course. For additional durability, it has improved zippers, and the zippers are taped and waterproof. It has 2 zip-up storage pockets on both sides, providing enough space for wallets, keys, phones, and other lightweight essentials. Besides, at the bottom, it has 2 pencil holders on each side. There is a loop to keep towels, bag tags, or carabiner.

The top putter compartment can hold 8 discs which are easily and quickly accessible. This compartment can be used for scoreboards as well.

With all these amazing features, prodigy BP-2 is a good option to consider for your golf bag. If you are looking for a convenient travel golf cart backpack, I will say this is the best fit.


  • Insulated 2 water bottle holders.
  • Holds up to 26 disc drivers, including disc storage and quick access pockets
  • Pockets to hold an umbrella
  • Water-resistant fabric keeps the bag fine enough in all weather conditions.


  • There is no particular space for mini marker discs.

7. Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf Bag

Dynamic discs golf bag combines the style of soldier bags, including zipped insulable cooler compartment. The cold compartment can hold up to 16 cans. If you use the cooler, the main compartment can hold 10-12 discs, but 18 discs can be kept easily without using the cooler.

There is a zippered mesh pocket at the inside top portion where you can place your scoreboard, pencils, wallets, and other essentials. Besides, each side has a drink holder, a putter pocket that fits two putters, and a small pocket. It has an adjustable shoulder strap with padding, making a comfortable bag usage experience. The shoulder strap allows adjusting it according to your needs.

A most amazing feature is that with a dynamic disc bag, you can enjoy cold drinks anytime when you’re on course. Even without an ice pack, the drinks remain cold.


  • Double water bottle or beverages holder.
  • Holds up to 10-12 discs in the central compartment, without cooler compartment usage support 18+ discs.
  • Insulated and detachable compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with padding gives a better user experience.


  • Zippers open up in a wrong way
  • Lacks structural support.

What to look at before buying a disc golf bag with a cooler?

Before investing in buying a golf disc bag, it is important to make up your mind whether you will go a long run with this or not. To make your golf disc playing experience amazing, a golf bag review will help you to a great extent.

There are a few things to consider before investing in a disc golf bag –


The most important factor is the bag’s storage capacity. More space means more capacity to hold your essentials along with discs.

If you are playing only for fun and throwing only a handful of the disc, you can go for a smaller bag. A professional player may require more discs to carry with them. If you carry lots of discs, it will make you feel uncomfortable.

A small golf disc bag can carry at least 8 discs, and the largest bags can hold 26+ discs. Which one will be suitable for you depends on your requirement.

Water Bottle Holder

This is obvious that you will be dehydrated when you play. To keep yourself hydrated, a water bottle is essential. If you drink enough water, then having two water bottles or a large water bottle that fits in your bag will be best. Some bags offer 2 bottle holders, and some have one. You can choose according to your requirement.

Quality of Build Material

Building material is also a great factor to consider. For example, if your location is in an area where it rains most often, choose a bag with water-resistant materials like Nylon ripstop fabric. Stretch, tear, and water-resistant material will keep your bag stable, durable and protected.


The bag’s durability depends on materials quality, weather conditions, and how much weight you are putting on. Suppose your bag carries a heavyweight for a long time. In that case, it will stretch with time, and eventually, durability will decrease.

Comfort Level

While carrying the bag, it is important to feel comfortable. Obviously, you won’t want a painful bag that will create a distraction to your golf course experience.

While buying a bag, ensure comfort and consider the straps are big enough, and pads are fixed in one place. If the straps do not pull all the weight in one place and the pad’s position is not fixed, then it can be uncomfortable to carry.


The stabilityof your golf bags determines if your bag can hold more discs or not. To maintain the balance and keep the bag stable in the ground, stability is important. Lack of stability and spilling of bag contents may feel annoying!


The style of a bag determines the comfortableness and convenient use of the pack. For example, bags having two straps are more comfortable than one strap. Two strap bags give a pressure of weight on the shoulder, whereas one strap may feel heavyweight.

The bag’s style also determines storage capacity and how organized it is to carry weights. Backpack ensures perfect balance and capacity as a golf bag.

How to clean a disc golf bag

To clean a golf bag, you need to determine how you want to wash it. It is highly recommended to dry-wash as tumble drying causes damage to the padding. But still, here, we will discuss both the machine and hand wash process step by step

Machine Wash:

  • Step-1: To start cleaning, make sure all the compartments of the golf bag are empty. Use a handheld vacuum to sweep crumbs and dust in crevices. Leave all the zippers unzipped. If there are any detachable pockets, straps, or smaller bags, remove them and wash them separately.
  • Step-2: To clean stains of exterior or interior, apply stain remover gently with a soft brush and let it stay for 30 minutes.
  • Step-3: Turn your golf bag inside out or place it in a laundry bag or pillowcase to avoid zippers stuck in the machines.
  • Step-4: Use a small quantity of detergent in the machine and wash the backpack in gentle cycle cold water. To clean the pack thoroughly, try to spread the bag back out.
  • Step-5: Air-dry the backpack. Keep all zippers unzipped and hang the bag so that all the water dropouts. Try to dry up in the outdoors, which will drift away leftover odors.


  • Step-1: Make all the compartments empty and keep all the zippers unzipped. Cut off threads near zippers and take off the detachable strap, pockets, and small bags.
  • Step-2: Apply stain remover on the stain and gently brush the affected areas.
  • Step-3: Fill the basin with lukewarm water up to 6 inches. Avoid using hot water, which may damage the fabric. Apply detergent in the water. Focus on the dirty areas; scrub the area with a soft brush or cloth. A toothbrush is good to clean ground in-stains, and a sponge is good for mesh areas.
  • Step-4: Drain the dirty water and again fill with clean water as before. Rinse the bag thoroughly. After completing the wash, fold it into a thick towel to absorb the water.
  • Step 5: Leave the bag for air dry, keep all the zippers unzip, and hang it the way all the water will dropout.


What Do I Need To Play Disc Golf?

To start playing disc golf, you will not need to spend on many things. You can start with your own golf disc basket, which is budget-friendly.

What’s In Your Disc Golf Bag?

DiscGolf bags carry the essential materials required in the golf course. In most cases, cooler disc golf bags have a cooler compartment, disc holding compartment, water bottle holder, pockets to keep phone, keys scorecard, and many more.

How Many Discs Do You Need To Play Disc Golf?

Depending on the situation, you will need the disc. But for getting started, you will need at least 3 discs.
Again, if you have the intention to play professionally, you will require  different disc types. Depending on weather conditions, disc type varies.
The driver disc goes to the furthest and has a straighter flight. You will need a mid-range disc for closer throws. Putters fly dead straight and are easy to control.
How many discs you will need depends on how you prefer to play with the disc. You can choose the disc afterward.

Which Disc Golf Bag Holds The Most Discs?

Different golf bags have various capacities to hold discs. Budget is also a matter of concern. According to our reviews, we choose the best fit for you.
Our recommendation is  Prodigy Disc BP-2 V3 Disc GolfBackpack. It can hold 26+ discs which is quite a significant number compared to other bag’s capacity. Throwback All Day Pack and Rogue Iron Disc Golf Backpack hold 14-16 discs on average.

What Are Disc Golf Bag Tags?

Golf bag tags are used to identify the player or clubs in the competition. This is highly stylish and multifunctional, which varies for club and player. Disc golf bag tags can be customized to reflect a player’s personality, tastes, and style.

How Much Does A Golf Bag Cost?

The cost of a golf bag varies from bag to bag. Low-budget bags come within the price range of $80-100.
If you are looking for something best and worth investing in, such bags comes with a price range of 150-250$

Can You Add A Kickstand To A Golf Bag?

Adding a kickstand to a golf bag may make your bag heavy and clumsy, which we won’t recommend for a golf bag.

Do I Need A Disc Golf Bag When Playing Disc Golf In The Beginning?

Before investing in a golf bag, it is wise to focus on playing with a disc. But as you are here, hopefully, you are looking for a solution. To make your experience smoother, you may try out any beginner-friendly golf bag. It will be affordable and keeps you hassle-free to carry your disc, drinks, snacks, and other essentials.

Good Bye Word

You are well known about your requirements. Before investing your money in buying golf bags, reconsider the buying guide that we have mentioned earlier. We have reviewed the best disc golf bag with a cooler that offers you various features within an affordable price range. So Choose any of these bags considering your requirements and have a fun experience while playing!


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